Posted by: atowhee | September 9, 2011


Yesterday evening I was on my way to Klamath Falls.  I went to speak at the Klamath Audubon meeitng about Steller and Wilson and Cassin and some of my other favorite old-time American birders.  En route I stopped to scope Howard Prairie along Dead Indian Memorial Road.  Note: Lily Glen is now a fire camp with dozens of tents, trucks and even a nearby helicopter landing field.

At the north end of Howard Prairie lake was a small flock of six Sandhill Cranes feeding in the mudflats.  Nearby was a lone American Avocet, the first one I’ve seen in Jackson County where they appear occasionally during migration. It was my 212th bird species for Jackson County.

Below: Double-crested Cormorant panting in the hot sun… Male Barn Swallow at Link River… Black-crownbed Night Heron at Klamath lake… line of Ring-billed Gulls, also at Klamath Lake.                                                                                                 

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