Posted by: atowhee | February 11, 2015


I went up into the Cascades with Shannon Rio and Kirk Gooding this afternoon.  We were hoping for a great Gray Owl.  Instead we had to settle for TWO GREAT GRAY OWLS in two separate locations.  Sigh. GGO SILO GGO IN TREESThe first owl was hunting around a recently logged patch of forest.  Light was dim, views often obscured by fir and pine needles. GGO IN TREES2 GGO IN TREES3See our owl at the top of a scrawny ponderosa: GGO INTREES4Then down the road we saw one in scenic and better lighted location.   The landowner arrived and told he saw the owls around his place all the time.ALOOF  This owl repeatedly gave us his back, unconcerned with our presence.FACING GGO ASIDEEven when this GGO looked toward us he looked past us. GGO LOOK (1280x960) GGO LOOKFinally a direct moment of the stare, or is it the glare? GGO LOOK2 (1280x960) GGO LOOK2  GLAREACORNS3 (1280x960)Acorns above, Red-tail eyes the car. RT FENCING VOLCANOMt. McLoughlin above, biding its tie until the next eruption.  Cascade evening:CASCDS

The Great Gray Owls were not far from Dead Indian Memorial Road beyond Lily Glen Campground.  No snow.  Temps around 50 degrees.  Many downed trees from recent storm.  Keno Access Road has been cleared, not by snow plow, but by chainsaw crew.

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN FOR MOUNTAIN BIRD FESTIVALMTBF logoClick here for link to the KBO front page which is your portal to bird festival registration.  I am told over thirty people registered today in the first few hours after the online site opened for business.  Festival dates: May 29-31.  You can see our logo flyin’ right at you.


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