Posted by: atowhee | March 10, 2015


GCS EATS PLUM (1280x960) GCS EATS PLUM3 (1280x960)You may think we humans know how to enjoy a plum tree in bloom.  We might even slow down the car to look a little longer.  Or if we are on foot we might stop and admire, even steal a sniff in some blooms along the sidewalk…if the neighbors aren’t looking.  The blooms have a faint perfume like far off vanilla ice cream.  But here we see two experts demonstrating a way to enjoy the blossoms that predates our arboreal hominid ancestors. GCS EATS PLUM5 (1280x960)Leaning down for the second helping.GCS BENDS DWN (1280x960) GCS WITH 2ND (1280x960) GCS WITH 2ND2 (1280x960) PLUM YUM PLUM YUM2The vitamins, protein and minerals are concentrated in the blossoms.  Not a lot of nutrition in a leaf or the bit of bark,  but flowers…yummy.

Click here for gallery of other birds down at the pond: young Purple Finch, another sparrow species, daytime TV and loafing waterfowl.

Click here for gallery of out ancient carnivore, the river otter.


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