Posted by: atowhee | April 17, 2015


There was a House Wren singing in the oaks at Emigrant Lake today.  Evidently he was a new arrival, and not likely to nest there.  Generally the Bewick’s Wrens get the low elevation territories, forcing their duskier cousins up into the mountains to nest.  It was my first House Wren of the spring.howr sings2 (1280x960)There was also a pair of Western Bluebirds checking out the nest box with two front doors.  It is in the pioneer cemetery at Emigrant Lake.bbird box4 (1280x960)As I drove through Ashland there was this accipiter far up.  I took it to be a Cooper’s Hawk, though the two-tone wings in the strong back-lighting tempted me to try to believe it was a Goshawk. COOPED UP


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