Posted by: atowhee | May 9, 2015


Nebulosa Press of Ashland, Oregon, is proud to announce the publication of Great Gray Owl in California, Oregon and Washington.  The book is available to order now.

Over 100 full color photos, never before published.ggo-on-sign

Four original full-color maps showing the species’ disjunct breeding range in the three states of the Pacific Slope.  California, for example, has breeding Great Grays in at least four distinct areas with apparent gaps separating each population from the others.  This will not look like the range map in your field guide.

Thorough summary of what is known and unknown about the birds in this area which is the southernmost extent of their range.

Information on the habitat where Great Grays are now breeding and most likely to be seen.

Complete bibliography.

First-ever publication of data on the species’ use of man-made nest platforms in Oregon.2014 GGO 1

If you like owls you’ll love this book. Co-authors Peter Thiemann (also the photographer) and Harry Fuller spent many hours with the owls during nesting season and in the colder months.  Also dozens of field biologists and owl experts across the Western U.S. were interviewed as much of what’s known about this elusive species has never been published.

ggo coverOrder from: Nebulosa Press, 243 Granite Street, Ashland, Oregon.  97520.
Hardbound.  226 pages.  Available June 1, 2015.  Price $28 plus shipping & handling cost OF $5.86.  Peter and harry will be making a series of public appearances to talk about Great Gray Owls in the Pacific Northwest and will have copies of the book to sell.  We will announce those appearances at this URL (web address).  Also copies will be sold through Northwest Nature Store in Ashland.



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