Posted by: atowhee | July 10, 2015


How can climate scientists keep away from existential desparation? Not with ease. Here’s summary of piece just published in “Esquire.” One scientist left the U.S. for Denmark, plenty of water, more protected from mass migrations of desparate millions.

This underlines the bitter irony of a Pope who claims to be worried about climate change but cannot, cannot ever, promote birth control in any realistic way.  The rapid growth of populations in poor Muslim and Catholic nations is in itself a great injury to our planet and spurs ever worse famines, ever more deforestation (where there are such things as forest) and ever more resource exploitation just for survival.  Of course, we wealthy Westerners are the biggest wasters of the planet’s wealth and the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.

And then comes this less than uplifting news that the world’s wild bees, in the bumblebee clan, are being heat-squeezed out of their former range with no expansion northward. Butterflies’ ancestors evolved in hot forest while our bumblebees’ genetic beginnings are linked to cooler climes. Doesn’t give them much hope as the heat moves toward the poles.  Some bee species have already lost nearly 400 miles off the southern edge of their former breeding range.  Florida may lose its bees before it lies beneath the sea…

Finally, it already appears this will be the hottest year on record, period.  Wanna bet not a single Republican Presidential candidates nor a single oil company CEO will ever mention that fact?  We should demand that the Supreme Court have to meet without air conditioning.



  1. I agree wholeheartedly!
    Meanwhile, the GGO’s are happy in their nesting boxes oblivious to the chaos around! Thank you! Marsha

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