Posted by: atowhee | September 8, 2015


Andy Huber tells me his family of Great Gray Owls have all grown up and are hunting now as individuals.  He sent me some mid-summer photos showing the youngsters as they got their adult plumage…some fine bath-tub shots, again.  Enjoy.  And thank you, Andy and yr Owlets.7.  GGO youngest chick on post 5 8 15 IMG_2998 8. GGO owlets in flight sort of 4480 IMG_2325 14. GGO owlets are you drowning 4113 IMG_2709 GGO owlet with vole on block 7 31 15 IMG_1647

Here’s Andy’s latest email:

“The old Cooper’s hawk nest that our great grays used here, was completely destroyed by the four chicks.  I would like to rebuild something at the same site, in case the female is able to nest again next spring.  I’d prefer it to be a little more natural looking than the standard boxes, but haven’t decided on a plan yet.
“All four of our owlets are now on their own.  I last saw the mother, in late July, and the four owlets together on August 14th.  Individuals have been randomly seen since then.
“The few [images] I’ve attached, are from late July and early August, to show their feather development.  They hatched during the first two weeks of April.”

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