Posted by: atowhee | September 20, 2015


ACWO-MICLBKAcorn Woodpecker in McMinnville. Belo9w: mammals in Rotary Park: P2530299 (1280x960) P2530313 (1280x960) P2530316 (1280x960)   WHT RBT2 (1280x960) YNG BUK (1280x960)Toggenberg near Wapato Lake, part of Tualatin River NWR.P2530386 (1280x960)Quilt barn, Yamhill: QUILT BARN (1280x960)Young Robin enjoys bath in our garden:ALRO SPLASH3 (1280x960) AMRO BATHS (1280x960) AMRO BATHS2 (1280x960) AMRO SPLASH1 (1280x960) AMRO SPLASH2 (1280x960) AMRO WET (1280x960)Angus eating hay, necessary becuse drought has reduced pasture, ANGUS (1280x960)Bearded oaks: OAK BEARD (1280x960)D-CON BE GONE

We met a local rancher today who’s stopped using D-con around  his place…after two of the family cats succumbed to the deadly mammal killer.  He’s now gone to repellents and his favorite for rats and mice is this one:freshcab

Click here to find the manufacturer’s website.

Fresh Cab is composed of really strong smelling botanicals which are not poisonous to any creature.  It will not kill the local Barn Owls, or barn cats or gopher snakes like D-con.  It’s long been known that rats and mice cannot stand peppermint, hot peppers and numerous other non-toxic botanical odors.  Fresh Cab just rolls a bunch them into one strong repellent.

Note: I have no financial interest in this company or product but I do love Barn Owls and even some barn cats.


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