Posted by: atowhee | September 23, 2015


CORRECTION:  Not muskrats, as George Neavoll pointed out…those flat heads and long bodies sadly indicate these are nutria, an invasive species first brought to the Pacific west for the fur business.

A few days back there were Greater White-fronted Geese migrating over before dawn.

Yesterday I drove down to Eugene to talk about Great Gray Owls at Lane County Audubon.  I had time for two brief birding stops.  At Ankney there were hundreds of Taverner Canada Geese and some Cacklers in a separate pond.  Then at the Lane Community College ponds a handful of Cackling Geese.CCKLR FOUR (1280x960)Two of the Cacklers had the nifty white collar.  CCKLR1 (1280x960) CCKLR2 (1280x960)This photo shows size comparison with an American Wigeon, a modest-sized duck. CCKLR-AMWI (1280x960) CCLKR FOUR1 (1280x960)Here is just a small portion of the loafing  at Cacklers Ankeny NWR. TAVERNERS (1280x960)Wigeon:AMWI MALE-GUD (1280x960) AMWI TOO (1280x960)A congress of egrets, Ankeny. EGRET CONGRESS (1280x960)Yellowlegs, Ankeny. GY GRP1 (1280x960) GY INTO WATR (1280x960) GY STRIDE (1280x960)Greater yellowlegs near dowitchers. GY WITH LBD (1280x960) GY WITH LBD2 (1280x960) L-BD C-U (1280x960)LB Dowitchers into their beloved mud. L-BD1 (1280x960)Front row: Mallards.  Middle row: nutria.  Back row: yellowlegs. M-RAT AT SEE (1280x960) M-RAT ON LAND (1280x960)


Today on the eastern slope of the Coast Range I watched a Goshawk soaring above the treetops.  The bird was hunting above the monoculture of Doug-firs in a regenerating clear cut.  The trees were each about twenty feet tall and shoulder to shoulder.  This was along Meadow Lake Road in northern Yamhill County, about twelve miles west of Westside Road and a mile east of McGuire Reservoir.



  1. The collars really are nifty 🙂

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