Posted by: atowhee | January 11, 2016


Of course the occupiers are not getting any support from birders. An Oregon man who can claim to be the world’s top birder, Noah Strycker, today said he hopes they go or are taken away…soon. Strycker has just completed his global bird year, seeing over 6000 species in 2015. Now he’s back home in Oregon…writing that book we’re all waiting to read.

The occupiers at Malheur NWR today began using government equipment to remove a fence that seperates private ranchland from the supposedly protected wildlife refuge.

Noah’s not the only one inspired by Malheur over the decades.   My eldest son went there as a college student in an ornithology class from Univ. of Oregon.  He immediately said, “Dad, you gotta see this place.”  It took me another 20 years before I made my first trip.  He was right, whatta great place.  Thank you, Teddy Roosevelt.

Local public schools reopened in Harney County today.  All federal offices in the county remained closed for the second week.  Some anti-occupation protesters have been showing up at the occupied headquarters.

Finally we’re getting some details about federal workers being hounded by the self-appointed militia. Workers in some cases have left their homes.



  1. Worried about Malheur. But great to get your blog again.

    • feel freer to check it whenever you can by going to the URl for the blog

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