Posted by: atowhee | January 24, 2016


Yes, the occupation of Malheur HQ by radical gunmen continues.

Protest planned for Corvallis at end of gthe month; “There will be a ‘Free Occupied
Burns’ protest during the noon hour at the Willamette Valley Bird Symposium
Saturday January 30, 2016, which is being held at the  CH2mHill Alumni
Center on the OSU campus in Corvallis.
This is being organized by the Rural Organizing Project.”

Click here for a run-down of some of the occupiers wildly unrealistic wish list and the specious political hocus-pocus behind these wishes they present as demands.

In addition to what’s listed in the article there are those occupiers who claim direct communication from God.  There is the apparent adherence to some version of what they consider Mormonism.  And there was the whole fantasy that posse comitatus began and many anti-federalists cling to: that only county sheriffs have the true legal right to enforce laws and all other enforcement agencies are illegitimate under the posse version of common law.  Thus–in their belief system–the occupiers do not have to even talk to the FBI unless the FBI has been somehow deputized by the Harney County Sheriff who is the one true legal officer.

You can read here with one click how the FBI does not seem to take seriously the far-right fanaticism they face which does not even recognize the FBI as a legitimate entity.
Why don’t they bring in a Mormon minister to negotiate?  The occupiers would have a hard time finding an excuse not to at least talk to the man…it would necessarily be a man, of course.

Now that the Bundy Gang has its own authoritarian regime in Harney County, they are setting about to do what is always done in authoritarian regimes, they are going after their known enemies. In this case they intend to use their own legal position–which exist only in their imaginations–to indict local officials in Harney County.

It’s sounding more and more like mob rule or self-selected vigilante group determined to use force to get their wayward way.  Perhaps if they do try to move against local officials they will be acting outside the refuge and then state law enforcement can step in and act with or without FBI sanction.

Why is the FBI so cautious?  First, I previously explained the limits they face in federal law after the Ruby Ridge killings.  Perhaps more pertinent is the huge phalanx of pro-gun right wingers in both house of Congress that had the Homeland Security Dept. dismantle its office studying home-grown right-wing terrorists.  The Congress would certainly come down on the FBI by budget-cutting start a public witch hunt if even one open carry, far-right white guy gets his finger scratched.  You think Benghazi has a long half-life?  This Malheur occupation may never end in the political arena once it gets national attention.  So far, Washington can ignore it.  Nobody’s been physically carted off to the hospital.  People out of their homes?  Kids away from school?  Flint is far sexier right now.

Click here for story about online petition at White House website urging Presidential action on the Bundy Gang’s seizure of public lands.

Click here for opinion piece drawing parallel between Bundy Gang and the far-right Koch Brothers–both want unbridled freedom to destroy the land and habitat for profit.

Click here for backgrounder on the issues and the key players if you are just getting up to speed on this pathetic but dangerous farce.


Yesterday a hundred folks gathered in Ashland to say give the public land back to the public.  A few images from George Peterson:RIMG0076 RIMG0077 RIMG0078 RIMG0079 RIMG0080 RIMG0081 RIMG0082 RIMG0083



  1. Thanks for the updates! This situation enrages me, from the downright stupidity of the Bundy Terrorists to the enaction of law enforcement.

    • I understand, have same feelings and I know if these were Muslims or black men with guns there would have an assault within hours because the r=far-right Congress would have rewarded such patriotic action for public safety, but these men are self-declared patriots and all white and open carry and against government regulation all lotsa stuff that the less violent parts of the right-wing think as well

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