Posted by: atowhee | January 28, 2016


Five alleged men are still in the headquarters of the Malheur Refuge. Eleven former militia occupiers, now accused felons, have been arrested. One former occupier is terminally former. The five remainders have plenty of junk food, electricity still running and lots of guns and ammo. What more could an alleged man want?

Well, they want to walk away free men with no charges.  They must think they are as good as banksters, or maybe they just imagine they are in a position of power and prestige with lots of room to negotiate.  Self-delusion can be a dangerous game, just ask Finicum.  Time drags on and the expected reinforcements have not arrived.  Maybe not everybody hates the idea of protecting habitat and wildlife and limiting logging and grazing after all.  Or maybe god changed his mind and stopped talking to the occupiers.  This we may never know.  Self-delusion can be a dangerous game, ask the nearest Bundy.


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