Posted by: atowhee | February 15, 2016


Here is my letter to Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown:

February 15, 2016
820 NW 19th Street
McMinnville, OR 97128





Kate Brown
160 State Capital
900 Court Street
Salem, OR   97301





“Dear Governor:

“I hope you’re not going to shrug off the recently concluded Malheur occupation. I am sympathetic with the FBI’s caution in handling the occupiers. The ghosts of Waco and Ruby Ridge and the resulting rules of engagement weren’t ignored. I fully appreciate your initial caution in public statements and your eventual temperate call for federal action to end the situation. I like to imagine that at some point in January you had a heated conversation by phone with a Justice Dept. official back in Washington D.C.   I hope at one point you threatened to activate the Oregon National Guard if the feds didn’t act.

“I am one of the many birders, conservationists, outdoor loving Oregonians. From the second day of the occupation we mumbled among ourselves that if the occupiers had been American Indian, black or Muslim their removal would have been almost instant. Sadly white fanatic Mormon males get to threaten, occupy and strut for six weeks here in Oregon. Please disprove our cynicism. Lay to rest the suspicion that our Oregon state officials are afraid of open carry NRA-fueled fanatics. Lay to rest the spectre of our state’s racist and violent history—the once powerful Ku Klux Klan, the several wars on Native Americans, including one that removed the Paiute from Malheur for the sake of white ranchers.

“Please order a through state investigation of any possible criminal or civil action against the Bundy gang and its supporters. Any and all legal action from civil damages to felony indictments should be pursued separate from what the federal government is doing. Oregonians were suffering for weeks. Our state’s future and our quality of life are at stake. This is the second occupation in Oregon, the first at an illegal mine site in Josephine County. Are we to remain passive and become Ground Zero for any right-wing gun-toting self-appointed savior or would-be martyr that wants publicity? Show the vast majority of Oregonians from birders to hard-working ranchers that our Governor and state officials really do care about the general welfare and safety of the citizens here. Right now it seems that Oregon is a state where public officials can be cowed into doing very little, talking cautiously and martyrs can find a way to die gloriously for whatever bizarre cause their god sends them here to defend. You can see that in this country fundamentalist Mormons are hardly more rational that fundamentalist Muslims. And we have thousands of them in the western U.S. Do not be passive and thus encourage their delusions to be acted out here. The extended suffering of ordinary citizens in Harney County is tragic. They should at least be able to see that their state government is going to pursue whatever legal recourses are available.

“One man arrested in Burns, another in Hines…that’s a pretty weak state response to a group of heavily armed white men whose target is destroying publicly-held land for personal profit. This privatization movement will get plenty of money from the Koch Brothers so it is not going away. The feds have now indicted 25 in the occupation. What are we waiting for?


Harry G. Fuller


CC: Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum”



  1. Good letter.

  2. Here is our man , Harry, speaking truth to power…….. Except that we have to say there was no “power” present from our representative government (fed. or state) during the Malheur crisis.

    “Give ’em hell, Harry!” Well done.

    m a

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