Posted by: atowhee | March 14, 2016


Images from my recent swing through Northern California.acwo-rkville (1280x960)Acorn Woodpecker at Rockville park near Fairfield.  Bewick’s Wren in fennel. BEWR FACE (1280x960) blupineBelow, Black Phoebe on bridge at Yolo By-Pass. bp on brdg eg breeding (1280x960)Eared Grebe, the one above starting to get breeding plumage. eg1 (1280x960) greg upp (1280x960)Great Egret above.  Greenw-winged Teal below. gwt on water harr male (1280x960) harr male2 (1280x960) harr male3 (1280x960)Male Harrier over wetlands near Davis. harr5 (1280x960) harr6 (1280x960)House Finch line up. hofi on mwireP2650859 pbg eastWild radish in bloom. radish blumRed-shouldered Hawk. RSH AT YOLO rstrRed-tail spurns the camera. rth on post rudu trioRuddy flotilla.  Snowy Egret below. sneg feetSong Sparrow. SOSP BRITE SOSP ITCHPicture from Amtrak window in Willamette Valley…call it then a “trainbow.” trainbow wesa in airWestern Sandpipers. wesa in clustrMarsh Wren in hiding. WREN HIDES



  1. Love the harrier in particular. “Gotta get me one of those.” m a

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