Posted by: atowhee | April 21, 2016


Today I made the drive from Ashland, Oregon, south to Albany, CA.  Some sightings along the way included dozens of White-faced Ibis at the Sacramento Wildlife Refuge, a Peregrine over the Bay Bridge and a mother Wood Duck with her clutch in the weeds at Anderson River Park.  How many ducklings do you see?Wodu family (1280x960)I count thirteen.

Ring-billed Gull looking elegant at Weed Rest Area on I-5.RBG PRETTYThe hard angular architecture of the mountains west of Mt. Shasta.  Too new to have been rounded off by wind, ice and rain. SHTA1Mt. Shasta with its lower flanks of dark green forest seen vaguely through a gauze, the mist lifted off the seasonal glaciers by solar warmth on a mild spring morning. SHTA2 SHTA3Mystery bird: this lone turkey was on the lawn of the agriculture science campus of University of California.  Wild, tame or domestic?  It’s a long way from any significant open space. TURKSpeaking of turkey, Turkey Vultures, Anderson River Park: TV-TWICE  Magpie, Willows Rest Area.YB MAGD-FLY1An immense valley oak in Anderson. OAK IMMENSE


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