Posted by: atowhee | July 24, 2016


This time of year some birds are still raising young, many fledglings are getting their first experience in the real world, migratory urges are starting to pull some species into flocks (swallows lined up along a powerline for example). And there’s just a lot of interesting stuff to see, if you stop and watch.

  • Recently I saw a Collared-Dove harassing a Crow.  So much for dove of peace.  I suspect the Crow was hanging around where the dove had  a nest.
  • A young House Finch has showed up in our garden, completely without any hint of bright color.
  • We have two Juncos in our garden, one male and one female.  Each has white feathers on one wing.  Siblings?  They are in adult plumage.
  • Two Red-breasted Nuthatches arrived simultaneously at our feeder recently.  One swooped in with a loud whirring sound, the usual honk just given multiple times with no rest in between.  Never heard that before and these tykes honk around our garden every day.
  • The Starlings that bred in our garage roof and then raided the feeders daily in June are gone off to join their rural cousins…I guess.  Haven’t seen them for two weeks.
  • The Anna’s Hummingbird has now found our feeder after it hung in place for two weeks.
  • We lost very few of our blueberries to birds.  I am pleasantly surprised.rbn flat (1280x960) spto-1 (1280x960) spto-fed (1280x960) sqrl-a (1280x960) sqrl-b (1280x960) sqrl-c (1280x960) (1280x960) sqrl-D (1280x960)

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