Posted by: atowhee | July 24, 2016


There’s article in today’s “NYTimes” on how man and honeyguides interact, to the benefit of both in southern Africa.

We see more passive interplay between man and bird with TVs, raptors, crows or gulls following hay mowing machines in America.  In Panama I saw both herons and caracara following a mowing tractor there.  It’s long been known that Ravens ally themselves with Inuit hunting parties in caribou country, and also work side-by-side with wolf packs.  In Europe the Robin there will often follow a gardener around, waiting for the insects and worms that may be displaced and thrust onto the Robinesque menu.  Anybody feeding birds regularly will be familiar with those that learn to demand food: hummers, Wild Turkeys, jays of all sorts.

“Where is my peanut?”

“Come refill my feeder.”



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