Posted by: atowhee | July 30, 2016


In this land whetre money and power merge, where a self-proclaimed billionaire with unlimited talent for bullshit is hoping to become President so he can sell more steaks and t-shirts, where lobbyists can equal political privilege, we are about to see if the ag biz (butter) has as much clout as the gun industry.  In America you cannot sue any gun maker no matter what the case no matter how people are killed by a great weapon with a huge clip, firing a round every two seconds.

Can you sue the ag business for polluting ground water that is needed by thousands of other humans for drinking?  Do farms get to flush their toxics into the ground water with impunity?  There is now a lawsuit in Iowa, Des Moines drinking water comes from rivers full of nitrates…can’t imagine where those come from. It will be adjudicated sometime next year and if the city wins it will–for the first time–be a clear case of forcing big ag to pay its fair share.  Tantamount to having fossil fuel companies help pay for clmate change abatement.

The current case actually pits the city against three rural counties where the nitrates are apparently coming from…soybeans and corn, corn and soybeans…and lots of fertilizers from the petro-chemical industry.  Des Moines is going after the rural counties for money to help pay for the treatment expenses to get their run-off nitrates out of the drinking water.  Should Des Moines win the counties will have to regulate (oh no, not government action!) farm run-off or in turn go after the farmers and their dealers (think of chemical fertilizers and pesticides as an industrial drug).  As most of us are addicted to cheap oil, big ag is addicted to chemicals, tons and tons of chemicals.


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