Posted by: atowhee | September 1, 2016


The Kreisman Family had a morning of BIG BIRDS in the southern Cascades this week.  Here are the photos taken by Peter Kreisman:B6043A2D-9C6A-4D7F-B85D-631D57DA84F1_resizedA hard-working Pileated and a studious Great Gray Owl.  Each from the largest species in their family in Oregon.  A big day for BIG BIRDS. IMG_8877 Great Grey Owl 8-27-2016 Keno Access Road IMG_8882 Great Grey Owl 8-27-2016 Keno Access Road_resizedThis birds were found in the Howard Prairie area east of Ashland in the Cascades, elevation about 4600′.  Both species are year round residents in the forests there, dominated by Douglas-fir, some cedar, some real fir and an occasional sugar pine that has escaped the loggers’ lust.  Pileateds need large dead trees not cleared or burned.  The owl needs meadows with no brush for hunting. Herbicide use is not helpful to either species, nor is clearing of dead snags.  The owls do appreciate fence posts in clearings, good listening post for hunting and near to the prey.

Click here for info on my Great Gray Owl book.

I will be talking about the GGo at the Salem Audubon Society, Nov. 8th.


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