Posted by: atowhee | September 2, 2016


I have been posting a number of Great Gray Owl pictures lately, mostly from Jackson County…and it has led to a brief smirking discussion of “trash bird.”  Could this big owl who wants to be photographed ever qualify as a true TB?

Here is my off-the-cuff description of TB behavior:


I humbly submit that a true trash bird must:

1) be regularly seen in grocery store parking lots

2) bully other birds at back yard feeders

3) be readily seen and ignored by folks without binoculars who are outside to drink beer or bar-b-que

So far the GGO escapes these ignominious behaviors.

And now I must repeat a question often asked by the late and great  Rich Stallcup, a beloved and brilliant birder I got to follow around the Bay Area.  Somebody on a field trip would remark,  “Oh, it’s just a Robin.”

Rich: “Yes, but have you ever seen THAT Robin before?”


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