Posted by: atowhee | September 7, 2016


For humans growth generally stops early in the first century.  Fortunatley that’s not a rule for national parks.  Yosemite adds hundreds of acres.

I hope some of those meadows are good for Great Gray Owl hunting.



  1. I wonder if the Ackerman meadows are up near Touloume Meadows or down lower in the valley. I am going in October for my annual visit. I figured I would couple it with the cranes in Lodi.

    Thanks for getting me the translation of Mel’s message. You know I never want to miss anything about owls!!! One of the screech owls still hangs out at the nest site in Lithia’s tree. That little guy is determined that he is not going to let me get a picture of him with eyes wide open. Sleep is all that is on his mind when the light is decent enough to photograph him in the early afternoon. Ruby Walley has a screehie roosting in the eve s under her roof.

    Shall I assume that all your kids and grandkids got here this summer and that a good time was had by all? OK, good, I will assume it.

    m a

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