Posted by: atowhee | September 22, 2016


gho-dawn1Great Horned Owls at dawn.gho-dawnPair in residence at Malheur Field Station: gho-dawn2 ghos-at-mfsOwl in willow along Central Patrol Road:p2780099-1280x960Sage Thrashers were abundant around the Malheur Field Station

thsr-in-sage thsr-in-shadeCanyon Wren at Diamond Craters:can-wren-1280x960 Nuttall’s rabbit. nutt-rabbrcr-in-bark4-1280x960Above: Brown Creeper on tree at Collier State Lake.  Below: Chickahominy Lake west of Riley.  It was loaded with ducks, couple of Greater Yellowlegs.  Water in the dry steppe. Very near US 20. chick-res-1280x960 chick2 copa-pair-1280x960Raven pair above.  Raven kettle: cora-kettle2-1280x960 coras-kettle-1280x960 d-fly-cu-1280x960Dragonfly. d-fly-hangz-1280x960Old barn north of Klamath Lake:old-barn-4-mile-1280x960Large numbers of Barn Swallow on migration:bars-on-wire-1280x960trai-lzrd-1280x960


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