Posted by: atowhee | September 26, 2016


These photos were all taken by Kirk Gooding on our Klamath Bird Observatory field trip, from Ashland to Malheur and back. The Acorn Woodpecker was in Jackson County, all the rest were east of the Cascades.fullsizerender fullsizerender_1White Pelican takes to the air at Rocky Point, Klamath Lake. fullsizerender_3 fullsizerender_7 fullsizerender_8Creeper above, Hairy Woodpecker below.  Both at Collier State Park. fullsizerender_9Crossbills: fullsizerender_12 fullsizerender_23Pair of Great Horned Owls at dawn, Malheur Field Station: fullsizerender_25View east across Malheur Basin to Steens Mountain:fullsizerenderMalheurian landscape: fullsizerender_3 fullsizerender_4STEENS MOUNTAIN VIEWSCAPES:fullsizerender_4 fullsizerender_5 fullsizerender_6 fullsizerender_7 fullsizerender_8 fullsizerender_9 fullsizerender_10 fullsizerender_11 fullsizerender_16 fullsizerender_17 fullsizerender_19 fullsizerender_21 fullsizerender_22 fullsizerender_23fullsizerender_2 fullsizerender_3Sage Thrasher above. They were eating Russian olive fruit and getting restless before migration. fullsizerender_5Long-eared Owl along Central Patrol Road north of Benson Pond. fullsizerender_7 fullsizerender_8fullsizerender_13fullsizerender_14 fullsizerender_10 fullsizerender_11 fullsizerender_12


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