Posted by: atowhee | October 7, 2016


Hurricane Mathew may, or may not, be a threat…and Matt Drudge is angry that there is no conservative think-tank or Koch Brothers’ company that can produce “independent” data on the pending storm.  Government scientists are likely in cahoots with Hillary, climate change preachers and other horrific conspirators who want to take your guns, your 18-MPG SUV and the your coal-burning power plants away from you.

I suggest we applaud Mr. Drudge’s dudgeon and even encourage his fans, readers or dupes to stay in place.  After Mathew has done whatever it came to do we can see who’s in better shape…those Drudgers or the folks who fell for the storm warnings and went to higher ground.  And then let’s keep score on who asks for the most federal help: Drudgers or those willing to admit they believe in climate change.

A time will come when even this great debtor nation will not be able to afford to rebuild condos, resorts, golf courses, hotels and fishing piers at sea level just to see them wiped out by the next big storm surge.  What part of “higher ground” is difficult to understand?

What baffles me is why alt-righters think changing sea level is a conspiracy…just because it may make their gas-guzzlers and coal mines obsolete?  Guess gasoline really is an addictive drug.


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