Posted by: atowhee | October 7, 2016


The recurring rain has kept birding to a minimum for the dog and me.  Most small birds avoid getting wet.  Only a few songbirds were out this afternoon when she and I headed along Baker Creek Road to Grenfell Park.  But there were five Red-tails hunting their favorite mown hayfield.

Back home in late afternoon the birds were getting afternoon meals before the long, wet, cool dark night set in.  Waxwings dropped down into our neighbor’s rowan tree, their activity making the thin upright branches vibrate as they swallowed the berries. Just beyond the rowan stands a larger dogwood and it was hosting a clatter of starlings picking and swallowing the ripe fruit.  I know that a swirling flock of starlings is a murmuration, but it seems a perched or dining flock of these voluble birds can rightly be called a “clatter.”

Juncos will bathe during a snow storm, today this discerning male Junco decided a better bath could be had in the pool than from the small falling drops of rain:

junc-bath-a junc-on-pool junc-bath-b junc-bath-c junc-ghost junc-latr

And the first Yellow-rump of the season shared the suet feeder with our BC Chickadees this evening.

Here’s one of the Baker Creek Red-tails: p2790832-1280x960 shov-circl-1280x960 shov-congress

Above: Shovelers swirling about, making vortex of water that brings goodies to the surface.  Yamhill Sewer Ponds this week.

Baker Creek running high and muddy from rains:bkr-creek-1280x960


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