Posted by: atowhee | December 19, 2016


We do have legal pot here in Oregon but the high Bushtits today were in the treetops.  There’s a stand of mature oaks in our neighborhood and the Bushtits plus the usual pair of chickadees were gleaning in the upper branches.  I have never before seen Bushtits forty feet or more above the ground.  In cold weather you go for the food where you can find it.  Calories count.

In my garden our one Yellow-rumped Warbler was at the suet log, logging plenty of flight time.  The calorie count is high in suet so he’s gaining not losing with each sortie.  He is the fastest bird in the garden.  Starlings and Juncos are slow and methodical compared to the warbler.  He’s so quick he can hit a log with starlings on it and make off with a speck of suet before the bigger birds can even react.img_1165img_1166img_1167img_1171img_1175star-etzstar-off


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