Posted by: atowhee | January 7, 2017


Executions stopped in Kansas in 1965.  Well, executions of humans ordered by the courts stopped in 1965.  Recently an armed office of the law executed a deer for being tame. The shooter was a state game warden in a state where the absolute is self-evident.  Just ask Governor Brownback.

In Kansas there is essentially one-party rule plus a right-wing, born again governor who has slashed the state’s spending by cutting tax revenue. Less government is seen as a very good thing indeed. Public school teachers’ salaries in Kansas now rank 38th among the states. Public school teachers’ salaries are at 88% of national average while Kansas’s cost of living is at 92% of national…giving the teachers a 4% income gap.

Brownback and his legislators have passed 17 anti-abortion, anti-birth control laws while he’s been in office.

Kansas was also the scene of America’s most recent abortion-provider murder.  Dr. George Tiller was shot in Wichita in 2010.  The doctor was assassinated at church where he was serving as an usher at the time.  The shooter has said he is glad he saved unborn children’s lives.  To hell with the dead doctor, right?

The state requires no adult to have a permit or license to buy any gun.  There is statewide open carry in Kansas though some local jurisdictions had outlawed it.

While Kansas per capita income has grown some during the Brownback years it has dropped down in rankings.  Four states have passed Kansas since 2000 and Kansas has passed only one state, Arizona which actually has lower per capita income now than in 2000.  Kansas now stands at #26.  It is 20th in unemployment.  Kansas ranks 25th in per capita GDP, essentially unchanged in the past five years. The state is also below average in personal income growth, despite the magic of tax cuts and government cutbacks. Yet Brownback touts his state’s great economy and wants Trump to do what he’s done, cut taxes and public services severely.  Brownback’s great economic reforms certainly have not been a big public hit.  Kansas’s population growth in the past six years is less than 2%.  That’s less than half the national rate of 4%+.  The state does have lots of open space, it ranks 41st in population density.

You give a man power, a gun and promise of official backing and then expect him not to use that gun?  Deer lovers are forewarned.


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