Posted by: atowhee | January 18, 2017


We humans are trashing our planet.  There is zero chance the next US President will know or care.  Isn’t hot weather better for golf in Scotland?  What’s not to like?

While we fiddle the planet burns:

2016 the hottest year in modern times.

We are on our way to being the last surviving primate. Gonna be lonely out here on this evolutionary limb all alone.  Of course, many less evolved humans from various fundamentalist creeds refuse to even believe in evolution.  They await a god’s good will to make everything OK, or else just bring on the End Times.

There is a heart-rending book out called Moth Storm, about the dwindling numbers of many species, even those that may never go extinct.  There is simply less life on our planet for which we humans must take all the credit.



  1. I’ll totally be checking out Moth storm….Thanks!

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