Posted by: atowhee | February 27, 2017


The dog and I left home around 945AM today. Large wet snow flakes were falling. Within a few minutes that flurry subsided to be replaced by a little rain. But it didn’t warm any—the temp remained at 36 degrees.  That rain drizzled to an end.  Then we were at Joe Dancer Park as the birds began to appear.  Robins on fences, lawns and in the bare trees.  Starlings took to the grassy playing fields.  A mated pair of Kestrels hunted the outfield of ball diamond B. Judging from the number of rodent trails through the turf the vole population is large and dense.  A flicker called from the riverside woods.  Crows sounded off across the river.  Two Song Sparrows sneaked through a blackberry thicket.  As required by custom, the male Anna’s Hummingbird perched on his usual sentinel tree.  He always faces the woods, back to the open fields.  For surely, he knows, that if a wily intruder is to come, it will sneak into his territory from the cover of woods.anhusualThis Cooper’s Hawk came out of the trees, soared up on the wind and circled further and further to the north end of Dancer Park.coha-aloftThis flicker used the treetop of a very tall tree along the river to assure himself that all creation could hear his territorial claims.flick-prickkest-female2The Kestrel pair hunted together.  This is the female.  Note the comely two-tone head-dress on the female. Not all field guides show you that effect.  No wonder he follows here everywhere.kest-fmale1The male, nearby.kest-male1mon-snomon-sno2rth-in-sno-arth-in-sno-bsecnd-lifeHere we see a dead tree getting, or giving second life. Below: woodpeckers are fine woodworkers.  This hole through a dead trunk must’ve been started by a Pileated due to its oval shape.woodworkd


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