Posted by: atowhee | February 27, 2017


Pixar’s animated short won its category at the Oscars last night.  The short, “Piper,” is about a hatchling shorebird wandering away from its nest for the first time and encountering ocean waves that are scary.  The original purpose of the short was to demonstrate some new animation software.  I know from prior discussions with animators that moving water (or other liquids like lava) are among the hardest things to portray and require the greatest computer power.  Nearly every pixel is in constant motion unlike a furnished room or ordinary landscape.  Add a scampering shorebird and you got a lot of stuff going on.

This short is only five minutes long.  No words just music and video. The birds seem to be animated version of Sanderlings as they run in and out with the tide.  The beaks seem to be a bit longer than on real-life Sanderlings.  Watch the video linked below, tells how they make this kind of short at Pixar.

Read about it here.

See this video trailer. You and the little piper will be swept away.


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