Posted by: atowhee | March 13, 2017


Yesterday afternoon we were standing along the road watching the action in a bird-rich marshy meadow on Skagit Flats.  There were raptors.  There were Great Blue Herons.  There were myriad ducks.  At one stop we had seen a testosterone-crazed Western Meadowlark chase away another to prevent any incursion into his sworn territory.  The female sat nearby, apparently approving of his valor. Another nearby field had a drift of Snow Geese, maybe six hundred, maybe more.

We had been seeing Bald Eagles at almost every stop all day long.  At one momwent tghere had been two nests and six individuals visible from one spot.  At this roadside one adult sat on a low perch nearby.  We paid him little attention, instead we were watching the Rough-legged Hawks in the vicinity.  Suddenly the eagle launched into rapid flight in pursuit…of something.  Here are the two hurried shots I managed to get while the chaser followed the chased zig-zagging in front of chasebe chase2The result: the female Bufflehead managed to get into the water and skitter away before the eagle could grab it in the air.  The eagle returned to its perch and resumed watching.


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