Posted by: atowhee | March 15, 2017


Today I saw a single Bushtit in my McMinnville garden.  There were no others anywhere near. I often see single or paired Bushtits in spring as the breeding season begins for these little guys.  And then they may be in singles or pairs later in the summer when it is time for a second brood.  By August the family groups begin to coalesce into the flocks that are so familiar to birders.  A birding friend jokingly said once that you needn’t count the Bushtits in a flock for a Christmas Count.  The scientifically determined average for a Bushtit flock is 22.3 so just write that in.

Other garden birds today: Varied Thrush (female), Starlings, singing Robins, House Finches, Juncos galore, female Anna’s Hummingbird, Scrub-Jay snarling about something as usual.  Maybe he’s complaining about the weather as I am? Also early morning by War-war, the Audubon’s Warbler.


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