Posted by: atowhee | March 21, 2017


Here’s one explanation for the tagged hawk in this blog: “On our 5 day camping trip we drove the Bayview-Edison Road 4 of the days. This road is an excellent area for birders to view a variety of birds. We saw rough-legged hawks, eagles, herons, swans, short-eared owls and many varieties of ducks. The most interesting bird we saw each time we drove the road was a rough-legged hawk tagged “5H”. The hawk was tagged as a juvenile bird at Vancouver International Airport on 2-11-17 and was released the next day in Chilliwack, BC as part of a program to prevent raptors from being struck by aircraft.”

Click here for information from man involved in the hawk tagging program.

So that bird is about 80 miles south of where it was tagged, nor far as the buteo flies.

Kevin Sadler, a Bay Area birder, was on our Golden Gate Audubon trip to Northwest Washington earlier this month…and he was constantly taking careful aim at our birds…with his camera.  Here are a few fine shots he’s shared, achieved despite often dismal light conditions.Harlequin-ksHarlequin were at Ediz Hook; Hoodies were on pond at Nisqually NWR Headquarters.KS2I do not have an explanation of the tag on this Rough-legged Hawk on Samish Flats.   I am pursing some information.taggedHawk--ksThoughtfulEagle--ks



  1. Such a classic bald eagle picture. Maybe if Ben Franklin ha d s een this picture he might have gone for the eagle as the national bird…….. I am with him on the turkey though; very polite and patient when mating, beautiful to look at and , dare I say, great to eat!

    Did I miss the nesting GHO or are you saving her?

    Got the tomatoes plant just now.

    m a

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